First 72 Hours Course
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First 72 Hours Course

The First 72 Hours is the second book from Damian Campbell, bestselling survival author. This brand new book covers what to do when the neighbor has a bomb and is willing to use it against you to get your food stores… How to guarantee you escape a madman prowling a theater with an AR-15… and more. Comes with 7 Free Survival Guides and a BONUS Bear Grylls Knife for Free.

Price: Multiple Quantity Starting at $38

Front End Commission: Up to $78


 75% Front End & Bump Commission

75% Commission on Every Upsell

$1.05 Average EPC

Earn up to $227 Per Buyer

Step 1

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The First 72 Hours Course


Front End Price: $37+

Commission Rate: 75% Front End & Bumps  (Up to $20 per buyer!)


Step 2+

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4 Tactical Upsell Product Offerings


Upsell Price: Starting at $19.96+

Commission Rate: 75% On Every Upsell (Up to $155 per buyer!)


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