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Light Saver Flashlight

The Light Saver’s super bright LED bulb is 1000 lumens of white-hot light. An 8-LED side panel doubles as a room-brightening lantern  It’s built with 1-2000x zoom focus. Measures 2.75″ in length and weighs 2.9oz.s.

Price: Free + $9.97 Ship 

Front End Commission: Up to $56.00


 75% Front End & Bump Commission

75% Commission on Every Upsell

$1.67 Average EPC

Earn up to $273 Per Buyer

Step 1

Front End Product:

Light Saver Flashlight


Front End Price: $19.97+

Commission Rate: 75% Front End & Bumps  (Up to $56.00 per buyer!)


Step 2+

5Upsell Products:

4 Tactical Upsell Product Offerings


Upsell Price: Starting at $19.96+

Commission Rate: 75% On Every Upsell (Up to $197 per buyer!)


Get Paid CPA

Many of our TOP AFFILIATES prefer a flat rate CPA on each sale. This mean, rather than getting a Commission % on each step of an offer, you'll get $ CPA on every front end sale!

If you prefer CPA, sign up for an affiliate partner account via OfferWave.


Your affiliate link will need to be formatted like you see below. Just insert your Clickbank Affiliate ID where you see “CBAFFID“.

You can also replace the “ABC” with any tracking ID you’d like to use. For example, if you were promoting the same product on a blog and in a forum post, you could use different Tracking IDs for each medium.  You can use up to 20 alphanumeric characters in your TID.

Important: Please email us at “[email protected]” with your Clickbank ID so we can reach out to you regarding prizes and any other news with our contest!


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  1. Incredibly bright: For its size, this is one of the brightest lights you can buy. It’s so bright that some police consider it a crime to shine in someone’s eyes.

  2. Doubles as a lantern and headlamp: One of the only flashlights on the planet that will also act as a headlamp and room-brightening lantern.

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Swipe #4

Subject Line: How Bright are LED Flashlights? And What the Heck is a …

These days, you can get some of these super-bright LED lights. … so I guess there’s no more point to trying to find the best flashlight anymore, right?

 Read more here

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