Emergency Sleeping Bag
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Emergency Sleeping Bag

One of the most important survival tools of all time, this incredibly lightweight sleeping bag has the power to protect you from the #1 killer in a crisis: exposure to the elements. This emergency bag also reflects 90% of your body heat back to you thanks to its durable space-age material. This ingenious device helps keep practically anyone warm and dry in bad weather.

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Emergency Sleeping Bag Email#1

Subject Line: 95% of Preppers Fail When Answering This Question

95% of preppers fail to answer this question correctly.

“What is the #1 threat in a crisis?”

Sadly, if you don’t know the answer, not only does this mean you believe the wrong things about survival…

This also exposes you to incredible danger.

In 2018 more people have been killed by this threat than anything else.

Here’s the answer to this incredibly important question.


Emergency Sleeping Bag Email#2

Subject Line: Why Did 100s Of Republicans Buy these After Election Day?

Just a few days after the elections hundreds of thousands of Republicans bought this survival tool.

It’s weird looking…

It’s tiny…

And it’s Republicans’ best chance of surviving a dangerous event that’s guaranteed to take place in 4-6 weeks.

See what this tool is and why they’re buying it here.


Emergency Sleeping Bag Email#3

Subject Line: She Broke Her Leg And This Was A Lifesaver!

America’s woods can be deadly.

Take this story for instance – a few years ago a group of people were out camping in the beautiful American wilderness.

They were 4 miles up the mountain…

And 5 hours into the freezing rain hike…

When the co-leader of the group broke her leg.

A broken leg in those conditions could easily lead to a tragic death.

Fortunately one of the leaders of the group had an Emergency Sleeping Bag with him which he used in this scary situation.

As he said in a testimonial about the Emergency Sleeping Bag, the fact they had it was a real lifesaver.

Here’s what this man said in an online review about this product.

“We self-evacuated for as long as she could stand but then it was clear we needed to get her warmer, drier, and rested.

Enter the Emergency Sleeping Bag!

I sent two hikers ahead to “set up camp.” By the time we got there they had a huge fire burning, the sleeping bag and insulated pad tucked in the Emergency Sleeping Bag and they were there for our hobbling leader.

We got her inside the Emergency Sleeping Bag with her splint, the sleeping bag, pad, and the 3 coats we had on her. It was perfect, she was toasty in minutes.

And even as the splint hiking pole tips were straining against the edges, it didn’t rip. If anything we had to watch condensation buildup.

Now every single hiker with us is buying one too.

It’s just too small to not have on you at all times. I’ll add the video of the event later but I can’t give a higher rating for any product. Only reason I have to buy another is the Search and Rescue team sliced her out of the bag to save time getting her to the hospital.”

For a limited time Emergency Sleeping Bags are on sale.

Normally $29.97, if you click here you’ll activate a special discount on this incredible piece of survival gear.

No emergency survival kit is complete until this bag is placed inside.

Best of all is at their discounted price you can get several for the price of 1. That way you can keep one in your car, at your home, as well as to give to friends and family.

Follow this link to activate your discount today.


P.S. The Emergency Sleeping Bag is lightweight (just a few ounces), compact (smaller than a Coke can) and proven to save lives. Get yours while they’re still on sale.

Emergency Sleeping Bag Email#4

Subject Line: Emergency Liquidation on Emergency Sleeping Bags

The guys and gals over at Patriot Wholesale Club need help getting rid of Emergency Sleeping bags.

If you want an awesome deal on this tool check this out.

We need help getting rid of their extra winter inventory.

So we’re running an Emergency Clearance Sale on their lifesaving Emergency Sleeping Bag (an emergency sleeping bag using NASA-based, heat-retaining technology).

This sleeping bag is one of our top sellers. And we simply don’t want it taking up room on the shelves anymore.

Click here to get yours while they’re still On Sale.

The Emergency sleeping bag traps your body heat inside of it.

This can easily save your life in a wintertime (or even a summertime) emergency.

If it’s 0 degrees outside, you can slide inside the Emergency Sleeping Bag without fear of dying from hypothermia. I

It’s extremely lightweight (a little over 4 oz.), and is about the size of a mini Coke can. This means it fits perfectly inside a survival kit or glove box.

And you can score a special deal on it right here.

This Liquidation Sale will only last through the weekend. So you’d better hurry and snatch this incredible, lifesaving sleeping bag while it’s still On Sale.

– The Patriot Wholesale Team

P.S. The more of these you purchase as part of this Liquidation Sale the more you save. Click here to get these discounted Emergency Sleeping bags before they sell out completely.