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XL Stun Club

The Stun Club is superior to the cheap plastic lights you’d buy if the power went out in your home. It’s also the perfect flashlight for self-defense. The Stun Club is made out of solid metal with thick ridges of raised aluminum. These are used to club someone over the head if you ever need to defend yourself from an attacker. It’s also a 5.8-Million-Volt Stun Gun!

Price: Multiple Quantity Starting at $38

Front End Commission: Up to $78


 75% Front End & Bump Commission

75% Commission on Every Upsell

$1.75 Average EPC

Earn up to $238 Per Buyer

Step 1

Front End Product:

XL Stun Club


Front End Price: $39+

Commission Rate: 75% Front End & Bumps  (Up to $162 per buyer!)


Step 2+

Upsell Products:

4 Tactical Upsell Product Offerings


Upsell Price: Starting at $19.96+

Commission Rate: 75% On Every Upsell (Up to $175 per buyer!)


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XL Stun Club#1

Subject Line: Is This the World’s Most Dangerous?

If you want to protect yourself in a dangerous world one of the ultimate weapons you can carry is a tactical torch.

The problem is most tactical torches aren’t that effective at putting the fear of God in an attacker.

Not the way a gun or a knife will…

But that all changes today.

What you’ll see on the following page is the world’s most dangerous tactical torch.

Compared to a standard tactical torch this brand new defense weapon is a BEAST.

Not only is it incredibly bright…

Tucked inside this survival tool is a powerful technology…

A power typically reserved for law enforcement only – and is actually not for sale in certain parts of the country.

Because of its devastating power this device is being released to consumers on a limited basis.

If you want to see what makes this torch so damn dangerous…

And if you’d like to get it for 50% Off as part of this limited release…

Then click here now.

XL Stun Club#2

Subject Line: Cabela’s Not Allowed to Carry This Dangerous New Tool

Cabela’s and Bass Pro – two of the largest weapons shops in the U.S. – aren’t allowed to carry this dangerous new tool.

It’s so dangerous (and so good at helping people protect themselves) it’s only available on authorized websites…

Websites like this one.

Looking at this new tool you’d never believe it could stop a grown man’s heart.

But it can.

And it’s all thanks to new military-grade technology that will make a 300-pound meth-fueled attacker’s heart stop.

If you want to stay safe in a dangerous world grab this tool now.

NOTE: Because of its violent power this tool was mandated to have a built-in safety lock. But just like a gun you’ll want to keep this device away from children.

It’s dangerous.

It’s also not approved for law enforcement. But it’s 100% legal to own since it’s yet to be regulated by most states.

To see this new tool (and to find out if it’s legal for you to own in your state) click here.


P.S. {{contact.first_name}} I should tell you something…

The manufacturers are offering this new tool at a 50% discount for a little while longer. They’re trying to get it on mom-and-pop store shelves nationwide before regulation affects it.

Check out the tool even police think might be too powerful for most men.

XL Stun Club#3

Subject Line: Make Sure Grandpa Takes This Weapon With Him

When my son came to me the other day asking if he could go with his grandfather to Cracker Barrel I told him of course.

But before they left I told my son, “make sure Grandpa takes this weapon with him.”

I gave this new weapon to my father a few weeks ago when I saw police were urging citizens to protect themselves with it.

I gave it to him because I knew even though my dad’s a bit older, and never carries a gun or a knife, it’ll keep him safe from aggressive attackers.

It’s not just for people my dad’s age either. I gave one to my wife and my kid too.

It’s legal to own and legal to carry anywhere.

But it’s also deadly.

On the next page you’ll see how with the flick of your wrist it’ll either crack open an attacker’s skull or stop his heart

Gross? Yes.

Effective at keeping you safe? Definitely.

This is the #1 tool to carry where a gun, a knife, pepper spray or other normal weapons won’t fly.

You’ll also be happy to know if you follow this special link it turns on instant discount for 65% off.

That’s awesome because now you can own one for yourself and give the other to someone you love.

Click here to check out this new weapon and claim your 65% off coupon before supplies run out.


P.S. If police urge citizens to protect themselves with THIS then you probably should listen, don’t you think? Click here to get yours now!